Emerson Module

Emerson Epro MMS6140 Module

Emerson Epro MMS6140 Module

High Quality Emerson Epro MMS6140 100% New Module 

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    Monitor Machine Monitoring System Electrodynamic Module Card
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Emerson MMS6140 Epro Brand New In Stock


The DeltaV Control Network is a standard Ethernet network interconnecting the DeltaV workstations and the controllers. The Control Network is a dualspeed 10/100BaseT network. CAT 5 screened (ScTP) twisted-pair cable connects each node to the hub or switch.

LocalBus that consists of an internal power bus on the Power Controller Carrier, busses on the associated I/O interface carriers, and connecting cables. The LocalBus supplies power to the controller and the I/O subsystem and provides communications connections between cards. System power (12 VDC) can be shared along the length of the LocalBus. The length of the LocalBus, including all cabling, cannot exceed 6.5 m (21.3 ft.) as shown in the following figure. The length requirement is the same for vertically mounted systems. 

The DeltaV system scales in both size and functionality. It’s the first fully digital system to offer you a single architecture with full functionality ranging from 8 I/O up to 30,000 I/O.

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About Epro Germany

Epro was founded in Gronau, Germany in 1970. Its predecessor was Dutch Signal Equipment Co., LTD., which was then a factory owned by the PHILIPS group in Europe.

In 1992, the company became ePRO Electronic Systems Co., LTD.

Epro company in 1994 in the wave of Philips group reorganization merger and Philips steam turbine monitoring protection division, and inherits the Philips company in the field of rotating machinery protection accumulated decades of experience and well-equipped production facilities, and Philips, cultivate many years of senior experts and sales and after-sales service network all over the world.

In 1995, EPro incorporated AEG's rotating machinery protection division, increasing the company's technical strength.

Since 1997 and 1998, EPRO has introduced the most advanced rotating machinery monitoring system, MMS6000, on the basis of Philips RMS-700 turbine monitoring and protection system.

As a professional manufacturer of rotating machinery monitoring and protection systems, its products are widely used in the world.

Its reliable quality, stable performance has gained the user's trust. In China, the market performance has also developed from the initial 18 RMS700 systems introduced by the Power Department to nearly a thousand MMS6000 systems in operation throughout the country today, from millions to 50,000 small units, from nuclear island main equipment to conventional thermal power main steam turbine, and various auxiliary machines with successful experience in using MMS6000 systems.

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